Take Control Of Your Facilities

We provide simple but sophisticated automation systems for restaurants, retail chains, and schools.



Reduce Energy Usage

Energy is one of the largest controllable expenses for your business. It is also the most overlooked opportunity to decrease your costs. We monitor your facilities and provide analytics and diagnostic tools that help you understand how you use energy, where you use it, and identify opportunities to reduce waste and save.

Control HVAC and Lighting

You probably don’t realize it, but HVAC and LIGHTING are the two largest consumers of energy for a small business, usually over 60% of your energy bills.  We replace your existing controls – thermostats and timers – and optimize performance, secure schedules and settings, and enable remote diagnostics that alert performance issues.

Manage From Anywhere

Your systems are fully accessible from the cloud using a standard web browser or mobile device. Data is securely transmitted and stored so you can access it any time of day, from wherever you happen to be. You and your staff can react immediately when problems arise.

Control Multiple Facilities

Our dashboards allow you to quickly manage all of your facilities from a single login. Manage and benchmark multiple facilities. View reports on energy usage. Drill down when you need to and set up automated alerting for yourself and your staff.

Monitor Equipment Health

Maintenance issues can quickly cost you $1,000′s and often go undetected. EnTouch provides visibility into equipment health, can alert you when filters need to be changed, and will send you and your HVAC service team automatic alerts if something isn’t working properly.

Increase Your Profits

By properly controlling facility HVAC systems and monitoring your energy usage you will be able to increase customer comfort and satisfaction. At the same time you can take charge of maintenance costs, optimize facility performance, and generate savings that go straight to your bottom line.



BusinessWeek recognizes EnTouch Controls as the fast-growing “Nest for small business”.


EnTouch and small business; the next frontier of energy efficiency.


Forbes discusses the growing focus on small businesses by energy companies and looks at our recent collaboration with Reliant, an NRG company.

I never even thought about energy management. We spent $300,000 last year for electricity and with EnTouch we can cut this bill by 20%.

John M. – Restaurant Chain Director of Operations

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